Stories of Cancer


The Healing of Cancer CD

The Healing of Cancer CD

The Story of The CD: The Healing of Cancer, Journeys of Self-Discovery.

In January of 2001, I knew I was creating something for Cancer patients…a book, a program, I was unsure, but I knew I was to create something that would help individuals coping with cancer.

Two of my friends went through the cancer experience a few years ago. I was privileged to provide support and be a part of their most intimate of life's journeys. During this time, I had many thoughts that collected around their experiences.

My life has been profoundly touched through knowing others with cancer.  It always seemed during the healing of these individuals, there was a missing piece, words for the soul, messages speaking to the thought, feeling, and emotions of one with cancer.  It was clear the goal of healing had a bigger piece than just the medical "mechanical" process. This process is taken care of by science and is often an overwhelming and wearying experience that the cancer patient endures. Yes, there are cancer support groups and the love of family and friends. Yet, I knew the soul needed to speak in a language that souls speak… an invisible, yet "knowingness" of thought, a feeling, a situation, or an event.

So, I began to listen to my soul and it was through that listening, an orchestration of stories about cancer were written.  These are stories one can listen to in their moments of relaxation, during treatment, or at any other time.

The stories are also meant for the family members who share the experience of cancer with their loved one. These are stories about awakening, fear, courage, self-discovery, and reconnection - all feelings the soul resonates with in our everyday lives. This work has taught me so much about myself and I am profoundly grateful. It is my intent, through the stories on the CD, to provide a blessing of peace, comfort, renewal, and reconnection to all living with cancer.

Instructions for listening to the CD: Listening to the stories during relaxation, treatment, or quiet time is the most effective. Listening to all or part of the CD daily is recommended. Listening during times when strong emotion is evoked due to daily life events can be beneficial to restoring a sense of clarity and peace.

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