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I once stood in front of an audience speaking to individuals learning how to maximize their time effectiveness and I said, "Goals are dreams with deadlines." However, when one has a disease, "deadlines" are turned into "lifelines". Priorities change, new life perspective occurs, and one sees time expanding rather than contracting. Daily life shifts to a focus of regaining great health. The paradox is when one has great health, one is concerned with "DEADlines" and when one has a disease, the focus is on "LIFElines". What is the lesson here? Pushing to get things done in an artificial way often leads to a deadening of our core self. Opening to a new perspective and seeing a situation in a new way leads to an aliveness of our core self.

DEADlines or LIFElines… What does your soul choose?

Soul Medicine may be defined as "treating" the soul. It means going inside to hear your soul's messages and going outside into the everyday world to see, perhaps for the very first time, the clues, the circumstances, the events your soul is guiding you to see. Always start from the inside and work toward the outside. This is a great gift from which to view your life. Sometimes we need to close our eyes and see beyond the screen that is in front of us. A different picture, thought, feeling, or emotion will come in that reframes our understanding.

Soul Medicine leads us to our authenticity...not who we think we are or who we try to be in the face of others...who we are in the face of truth and realness...our honest self. WHAT DOES YOUR SOUL CHOOSE?

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