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Cancer Resources and Health Related Websites

The Cancer Resource section of this website is to provide you in one easy location links to cancer resources. These links will cover a broad spectrum of websites from main stream support and research information to alternative healing and mind- body-spirit wellness.

To add cancer / health related website resources to this web directory please email the website information to:

Website Name

Resource Type

Web Address

American Cancer Society

Cancer Research - profit/nonprofit

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Living with it

Breast and Lung Cancer Website

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People Living with Cancer

Patient Information Website

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National Cancer Institute

Government Research in Cancer

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Cancer Support Community

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Cancer Free Connection

Mind Body Spirit Wellness

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Health Journeys

Mind Body Spirit Resources / Products

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The Wellness Community

Mind Body Spirit Wellness Workshops and Support

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Cancer Wellness Center

Supporting & empowering people living with Cancer

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Healing People

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

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Circle of Life

Health and Spirit

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Healing Well

Guide to Diseases, Disorders and Chronic Illness

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Healing Music Org.

Healing Music Organization

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Cancer Track

Information about Cancer

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Choose Hope Org.

Services and Cancer Gift Items

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Dana Farber

Medical resources for all cancers

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Team Survivor Org.

Physical fitness programs for individuals with cancer 

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Focus on Healing

Dance and movement for individuals with cancer

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Spirited Walker

Walking fitness for individuals with cancer

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Cancer news

The latest news and information on cancer diagnosis

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National Comprehensive Cancer Network

United to fight Cancer

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Cancer Cure Foundation

Advancement of healing without drugs

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Cure Zone

Support Groups and News

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inspiration for cancer survivors regarding nutritional and lifestyle choices

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