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A Story Collection for the Healing of Cancer.

Dr. Diana S. Hunt the author of The Tao of Time, has created an inspiring collection of stories about people healing from cancer. This spoken word collection of cancer stories is either for you or a loved one. Whether you or a loved one is healing from breast cancer or another form of cancer, this inspirational story collection, will help you make it through the rough moments.
The Healing of Cancer, Journeys of Self-Discovery Story Collection CD
was created to bring inspiration and healing through hearing stories about other people coping with cancer during your cancer recovery. These are stories about awakening, fear, courage, self-discovery, and reconnection - all feelings that the soul resonates with in our everyday lives. Listen to the cancer stories and learn how others have found perspective while coping with cancer. Perspectiveand inspiration are valuable tools while healing cancer. These cancer stories will show you how others have coped with cancer. The process of healing occurs in your body, but also in your mind, spirit, emotion being. It is through connecting with yourself and attending to your mental, emotional, spiritual needs in addition to your body that you attain healing from cancer or any illness. Listen to this CD, it will inspire you to live with passion while recovering from cancer, it will help you transcend the challenges of cancer, and it will help you observe the introspections that cancer brings to one's life and most importantly help you heal.

People tell us that listening to The Healing of Cancer, Journeys of Self-Discovery Story Collection during treatment, in the privacy of their own home or on a lunch break has given them an inner sense of calm, healing, and strength. The Healing of Cancer, Journeys of Self-Discovery Story Collection CD addresses your mental, emotional, and spiritual healing process.

Listen to the CD and Discover your Journey to Self-Discovery and Healing.


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